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We give FREE one-hour medical legal lectures to your staff.
Invite a medical legal consultant from our company to speak.

Current topic: 

"Falls Prevention"
What are the procedures hospitals
take to prevent falls from occurring?
Find out the latest changes in
fall management.

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Invite all of your legal staff.

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Ellen Richter CLNC:
 South Florida Legal Nurse Consultant Service

We bridge the disciplines of law and medicine to enhance positive case outcomes.
         Time efficient, cost effective, risk-free work products

     We uncover the medical facts you need to know
     We analyze for compliance with expected standards of health care

e can locate a qualified medical expert witness in any specialty

 assess for duty, breach of duty, causation and damages  

   Our medical legal consultant staff will meet your case needs

                Discounts on fees when you give us high volume business!        
                Reduction in rates each time you send us a successful referral!

            Ellen Richter CLNC: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants
 Our South Florida legal nurses will add to the success of your legal team!  

                    We navigate through complex medical records with a sharp & critical eye.

                    We describe and define our findings in clear, simple terms. 

                    We advise you on both sides of the health care issues.


      How can we help YOU?

             Interpret and explain facts in the health care records

             Determine how health care issues impact on litigation

             Educate your legal staff on medical topics of interest     

             Report on the quality of health care delivered in your case

             Give opinions based on careful medical records review     

             Assess health care delivery for compliance with standards 

             Cite supporting facts from authoritative and regulatory sources

             Correlate clinical practice with hospital policies, procedures, protocols

           Locate a relevant, appropriate medical expert witness in any specialty


Ellen Richter CLNC: South Florida Legal Nurse ConsultingService  
         We will exceed all your medical consulting needs.
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             Need a case reviewed quickly? Deadlines to meet? 
                            Fast, efficient, detailed chart reviews
dical summaries, reports, chronologies, timelines,                                          
                            Bottom-line opinion within 72 hours

               We will organize your medical records for easy reference during litigation.

               YOU choose the services you need.
               We WILL meet your medical records review deadlines. 
               Our legal nurse consultant job is to help you and your client win.